Reanna Torres


Reanna was drawn to this work because of a desire to help others and see them flourish.

“I find this work very rewarding, and it brings me great satisfaction to see people grow, change, and learn how to better navigate life’s difficulties.”

Reanna is passionate and dedicated to her clients. Her approach emphasizes the importance of each client’s personal lived experience and how it’s shaped them into who they are today. She takes a gentle yet challenging approach to therapy to empower her clients and facilitate self-reflection to promote change. Reanna is devoted to her own continual growth as a counselor and honing her current modalities. Her specialties include anxiety disorders, depression and mood disorders, cross-cultural counseling, LGBTQIA+ issues, and transgender & gender nonconforming populations.

In her spare time, Reanna enjoys gardening, arts and crafts, playing video games and spending time with her cat.

Telehealth  In-Person

  • Canfield, OH
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